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Fun Myths Debunked- With The Best Driving School Irving

Most of us around us know how to drive and some of them even have it as their profession. We see hundreds of cars on the road everyday, and those of us who do not have the dream of buying a car one day.

Now, that the time has come you might have planned to buy a vehicle, you might have already bought. But knowing to drive safely and confidently matters a lot on the roads. If you are someone looking forward to learning driving or improving your driving skills further, you need to have the best driving school in Irving TX.

AK Driving School is one of the trusted driving schools in this area, with a proven track record teaching hundreds of students, creating responsible, safe and confident drivers. As being one of the best driving school Irving TX, we are committed to providing you with the best services.

Today, in the blog, we will together bust some of the common myths related to driving. So, without further delay let’s start with:

You are more likely to be pulled off with a red car

Everyone of us has probably heard of this thing, where the very bold color of a red car gets us stopped by the police. There is no evidence to support that claim. Most of the time what happens is that our driving habits get us noticed by the law enforcement. A driving school Irving TX teaches you these minute things to ensure that you are never in trouble while you are on the road.

Over 10 miles is what will get you ticketed

This is also said and believed that if you are over 10 miles per hour, you will be subjected to ticketing. But in reality the law enforcement acts on this issue at their own discretion. If there is any amount of speeding above the posted limit, other police have the authority to ticket you. The moment your speed exceeds the speed limit in your area which is set, you can be and will be in trouble. Unfortunately, there is no acceptable number of miles that can save you from ticketing. We are a driving school Irving TX that provides you with this kind of knowledge.

Put your hands on 10 and 2

This was taught a lot earlier in the previous generations, where driving schools taught keeping the hands in the 10 and 2 position. But this changed, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), recommended keeping the hands on 9 and 3 positions. The present driving schools in Texas followed this, and students have said that they find more mobility and a wider range with this practice.

Is it illegal to drive barefoot?

This idea that driving barefoot is illegal has been there for a long time. There can be any local prohibitions, but if we see through a statewise perspective, there is no such US state that has declared it as Illegal. So in simple terms, driving barefoot is hundred percent legal. However, as the best driving school Irving TX, we say that it is nonetheless not safe to drive barefoot. Wearing a simple shoe helps a lot in case of any mishaps.

So, these are some fun myths that we explored today. Let,s meet in the coming blog, where we would discuss something more interesting in the world of driving and learning to drive.

Wrapping up

Learning to drive has never been easier when you have joined the right driving school. AK Driving School, is among the most trusted driving school Irving TX, providing you with personalized lessons, and also keeping you informed about such fun-very helpful things.

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